About the HI Chapter

The BMW Car Club of Hawaii is the Hawaii Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America, an organization serving over 70,000 members worldwide. 

The Hawaii Chapter, with over 300 members owning a wide range of vintage, classic, modern and semi-running BMWs, serves all islands of the 50th state.

Membership in the national club has a kofferraum-full of Member Benefits. Too many to list here, really, and besides, the folks at National are always adding more.

Some key ones to note:

Roundel Magazine. You join, you get the best BMW magazine published…

Discounts. Join up, and pay for your membership with all the savings. Here’s a list of them.
Rebate on buying a new BMW. Become eligible for a rebate on buying a new car***.
***there’s always a caveat with things like rebates.

Bottom line, join the club, get the magazine, save a bunch of money and meet some great folks.